Fire Apparatus

Fire Engine Sales for Pittsburgh, Western PA, and beyond

At Hempfield Fire Equipment, LLC, our Fire Engines feature durable PolyBilt bodies.

A special 21st Century copolymer, PolyBilt's Polyprene, is the kind of "sledgehammer and bullet tested" material well suited for Fire Engine Body Protection and Other Fire and Emergency Response vehicles.

Strong enough to resist fatigue and cracking under heavy use, PolyBilt vehicle bodies can be painted and repaired easily when damaged. No rust, corrosion, cracking, chipping, or peeling.

  • Enhanced with high performance nozzles from Akron Brass Company
  • Lifetime warranty on pumps
  • Supported by the integrity and reliability of Hempfield Fire Equipment, LLC.

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Recent Deliveries 

PolyBilt designs and produces vehicle bodies with complex features and internal arrangements.

Polyprene is well suited for Fire Engine Body Protection, there is no feature or configuration that cannot be offered.

2021 Ford Expedition Command 122 built by Hempfield Fire Equipment LLC, command console between front seats, portable charger, mobile radio, emergency light package interior windshield and rear window lighting, external body lighting, Kussmaul charger.  Rear locking boxes for Chief and Assistant Chief’s turnout gear, SCBA’s, hand tools, flashlights, water can and fire extinguisher.

Job # 3360 W. S. Darley & CO  2016 – F550 Ford, 4 x 4 crew cab seating for four firefighters, 3-SCBA seats, 1500 GPM AUTOCAFS pumper, with direct rear Autofill.  Poly-Bilt fire body with 300- water tank, 25-gallon Class A foam all integrated with Life-time body and tank warranties, a slide-able ladder system that holds a 24-foot two sections extension ladder, 12-foot roof ladder, 10-foot attic ladder, along with pike poles mounted on top of body.  2-cross lays, front bumper trash line, front storage box for K12 saw, two safes for valuables, all equipment mounted and installed by Hempfield Fire Equipment LLC..

Job #  14105   2014 F-550 4 x 4, crew cab chassis delivered this Squad / Service truck with Poly-Bilt body to Elk Run VFD, Punxsutawney, PA built by Hempfield Fire Equipment LLC

This 2016 Chevy 3500 Brush truck built by Hempfield Fire Equipment LLC for Eddington VFC, Bensalem, PA has a 300 gpm Darley self-contained diesel fire pump, booster reel and one 1 ½ pre connect all accessed from rear rollup compartment.   They operated this truck till 2021 and they sold it to Darlington VFC, Westmoreland County, PA.

Job # 3174 W. S. Darley & CO – 2014 F-550 crew cab seating for 4 firefighters, 3-SCBA seats, 1500 GPM, AUTOCAFS with direct auto-fill rear intake to use when using CAFS for smoother operation. 300 water tank, 25-gallon Class A foam, Lifetime Poly-Bilt warranties on body, water and foam cells, ladder mounted on top along with pike poles, center console front to rear of back seat mounted portable radios, TIC, gas meter, all equipment was mounted and installed by Hempfield Fire Equipment LLC

Job # 3159.   W. S. Darley & CO.  2015, F-550 4x4 crew cab with three SCBA seats, driver side operator panel with 1500 GPM, DARLEY AUTOCAFS, with 300-gallon water tank, 25-gallon Class A foam cell, integrated Poly-Bilt fire body with Lifetime warranty on body, tank and foam cell.  Direct autofill to water tank for smoother operation with using the CAFS system, suction sleeves, roof ladder, pike poles and ladders mounted inside upper compartments.  This unit is sold by Hempfield Fire Equipment LLC.

Job # 3209.  Fort Allen VFC, Hempfield Township, Greensburg, PA.  W. S. Darley & CO, 2015 Spartan 1500 GPM Darley pump 30-gallon Class A foam tank, 620-gallon water tank, has a Lifetime warranty on fire body water tank and foam cell.  All LED Fire research telescopic lights front of body and on rear, hose bed tarp, front trash line, two brow lights FRC, steel serve duty bumper, short wheelbase, apparatus sold by Hempfield Fire Equipment LLC.

In 2015 Darley Demo # 2882.  This was a vehicle that was in a warehouse at Darley when Assistant Chief Scott Bowers from Big Run Area VFC was with me in 2014 to pick up Hampton Township’s Darley CAFS truck at the factory, we found out this truck was available for sale after we returned.  Make a trip to Wisconsin and brought it back to Big Run, PA for the department to look at and it returned to Darley to have modifications done and Big Run Area VFC purchased this vehicle as their front-line apparatus.  This apparatus is a 2008 Spartan Metro-Star before DEF emissions has a 1500 GPM Darley AUTOCAFS system, 1000- gallon water poly tanks, a 50-gallon Class A foam cell, with a aluminum fire body, enclosed ladder compartment, front bumper line CAFS, 2-cross lays 1 ¾ CAFS, rear 2.5 CAFS discharge, driving lights, Kussmaul charger, mounted handlights, TIC, gas meter, hand tools and other equipment upgrades and mounting by Hempfield Fire Equipment LLC.

Job # 3249, 2017 International 4 X 4, 5-person crew with 4-SCBA, 1500 gpm, 600 gallons of water.  FRC Led 20,000 Lumen lights, brow-light, front bumper line, 2- 1 ¾ cross lays, rear 2.5 pre-connect. Booster reel with 200-foot of hose under officer side rear seat.  Known as Engine 17.  This unit is sold by Hempfield Fire Equipment LLC.

Job # 3527 -Mutual VFD, Greensburg, PA coming soon F550 MAX-WASP by W. S. Darley & CO sold by Hempfield Fire Equipment LLC.