About Hempfield Fire Equipment

P.E.M.A Certification

The Board of Supervisors presented Dan Nescot, deputy coordinator with the Hempfield Township Emergency Management Agency, a certificate from the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency.

Mr. Nescot successfully completed certification requirements for municipal deputy emergency management coordinators. Hempfield is one of only a few municipalities to have both its coordinator and deputy coordinator P.E.M.A. certified. Great job Dan!

Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors on May 29, 2012 appointed Daniel Nescot Director of Hempfield Township Emergency Management Agency.

Owner Daniel P. Nescot

Daniel P. Nescot, owner of Hempfield Fire Equipment, LLC, brings a lifetime of Fire Service experience to the table, having started in Fire Service with the Grapeville VFC in 1976, where he is a Lifetime Member and currently serves as Fire Chief.

Before founding his own fire and emergency equipment company, Dan worked as an independent Sales Rep for W. S. Darley & Co from May 2006 to August 28, 2009 when he started Hempfield Fire Equipment, LLC.

Hempfield Fire Equipment, LLC is a Franchise Dealer for W.S. Darley & Co.

Dan’s previous work experiences were with:

  • Brake Drum and Equipment Company 1979 -1997 (PSD brought BDE)
  • Point Spring & Driveshaft Company-1997-1998
  • Working in the Heavy Duty Truck Parts industry starting out as Warehouseman, Delivery Driver, Inside Counter Sales, the Outside Territorial Sales.
  • The Farfield Company 1998 – 2007 Tractor Trailer Driver, Equipment Operator and Laborer
  • Point Spring & Driveshaft CO – 2007-2010 Counter and Outside Territorial Sales

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Dan Nescot’s Qualifications Include:

  • Grapeville VFD Fire Chief, September 2012 – to present
  • EMA Director from May to November, 2012
  • EMA Quatermaster, May 2013
  • Director of Hempfield Emergency Management Agency
  • Water Rescue Awareness
  • PA Certification as Deputy Director in EMA
  • NIMS: 100, 200, 300, 400, 700, 800b
  • Life Member Grapeville VFC
  • President of Grapeville VFC 2010-2011
  • Life Member Hempfield Township Fire Police
  • Hazard Mitigation Benefit Analysis Course
  • P_G-318 Mitigation Planning Training (11.1)
  • EVOC Extended
  • Mall firefighting
  • Firepolice Training
  • Interior Attack Fire Fighting
  • Deputy Director of Hempfield Township EMA
  • Fire Police with Grapeville VFC
  • Hempfield Fire Chief Association
  • Hempfield Fire Police Association

  • Member Westmoreland County Fireman’s Association
  • Member Westmoreland County Fire Chief Association
  • Member NFPA
  • Structural Fire Fighting
  • CAFS Training
  • SCBA certified
  • Vehicle Rescue Technician
  • Advance Vehicle Rescue
  • Special & Bus Rescue
  • EVOC Drivers Training
  • Courage to be Safe – Everyone Goes Home
  • Air Bag Implications Training
  • Pipeline Emergency Training
  • Hazmat Awareness Pro Board Certified
  • Hazmat Operationals Certification
  • Rail Transportation Hazmat Training
  • Rural Water Movement
  • Ventilation
  • Fire & Arson Investigation
  • AED- CPR – Infant, Basic First Aid

Experience at Grapeville Volunteer Fire Company

Fire Police Captain with Grapeville Volunteer Fire Company

President of Grapeville VFC 2010-2011.

Held Line Officers position of Lieutenant & Captain for one year each

Assistant Chief for 6 years

Fire Chief 1990 – 2009 – 20 years all at Grapeville VFC

Grant writer from 2001 thru 2009 for Grapeville VFC for PA State, DCED grants and FEMA
Darley Fire Pump Training 2010

Successful in writing and awarded FEMA grant in 2002 for Grapeville VFC for equipment upgrades

Successful in writing and awarded FEMA grant in 2004 for Grapeville VFC for 4×4 Darley CAFS truck to replace 1976 dodge 4×4 mini pumper.

Instrumental of replacing 1971 Ford Howe pumper, and 1976 Dodge 4×4 mini pumper/rescue with 1992 International Rescue / Pumper, and updating the 1992 in 2002 with light tower additional Hurst hydraulic reels and equipment.

Acquired 1986 E-One pumper from Cherry Hill, New Jersey in 1998 replacing 1973 Ward LaFrance which served Grapeville Community thru 2008.

Acquired in 2009 a 1995 HME pumper from Patton PA to replace 1986 Engine Pumper

Compressed air foam is 98% efficient, gaining a huge advantage over fires, with less property damage.